New videos from this summer

After some problem with the program, we finally got some of the decent performed songs to watch! This evening / night however was very warm and moist, so you can almost see the sweat drops from our bodis and clothes....

Back on stage real soon...

After some months I have been talking to many diffirent clubs, to set a date that will fit us both. There has been some delays becuase of some differences in the band, witch is now finally good to go.  There would be no point of writing about it, and whats going on for the moment  becuase what everyone wants to know is when and where we will play live soon!

So stay tuned becuase I will have some really good news for us in Prime, and for our fans to see. To mention a few clubs we have negotiation with are:   Factory ( Borås )  MX Rockbar ( Alingsås ) Backstage ( Trollhättan ) Rockbar ( Karlstad ) Backstage ( Skövde ) Puls Ronneby ( Ronneby ) Black Pearl ( Kungsbacka ) Rockstage ( Malmö ) Sticky Fingers ( Göteborg ) Pub Anchor ( Stockholm ) Steakhouse ( Söderhamn ) and some more.....

Negotiating with new dates for upcoming gigs!

Yes, It´s been very busy for me the last couple of mounths. New dates are been set and plans for  gigs outside Sweden as well, beucase of the interests we got from diffirent countries. They have explanined how they really like the sound, and wonder why we aren´t more booked in our own contry. Well, I do now what happends when clubs change owners and new terms are beeing set from what was a better deal for us, and many more bands. Some clubs takes a change but most are very doubtful when it comes to new bands on their stage.


We are NOT a new band, and we have more to give musically then most bands becuase of our sound. Even though many clubs can be very scared to take what they called a risk here in Sweden. And I guess thats why many musician made it outside Sweden, and later been welcome to play everywhere in Sweden after heard about out the journey abroad.  


But there are many great clubs with owners who will take the chance, and give a band like Prime the chance we deservs...and to you guys we are greatful. And to you other outside Sweden, we will talk more of those upcoming plans! 



New videos online!!

We have finally put up some new videos from this summer, where we now show how the lineup today in Prime looks and sounds like. More dates are under negotiating, where we will continue to show up and rock hard and gain more fans around!  

More videos and pictures will soon be put up here, so stay tuned for it and more dates to come...

Prime in 2015 are ready to rock!!

Some time has past since we last preformed and spoke to anyone about whats new with Prime. But now the time has come, and we have a new lineup with a better and more interesting sound in all for you out there to enjoy when it´s time to rock!!